About Me

I’ve had many run-ins with the law.

I’m a lawyer, you see. I retired from my career as a trial lawyer at the end of 2015 and devoted myself to writing, as I’ve always wanted to do. I write historical novels because I’m a fan of them, particularly the Flashman books by George Macdonald Fraser.

Of course, in Riley and the Great War you will learn that I did not actually write any novels. Instead, I was given notebooks written by my grandfather Cornelius that told of his adventures with my other grandfather, Riley. Is any of that true? Well, it’s a post-truth age, so don’t worry about it.

My wife Sally and I live in the Twin Cities. We enjoy our children, children-in-law and granddaughter Mae, and we spend summers at Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota. Currently, I chair the board of the Advocates for Human Rights, an international non-profit based in Minneapolis.