Reviews for Riley and the Great War

We’re so proud of all the kind things the reviewers have been saying about Riley and the Great War, an historical thriller that takes a wry look at some of the transformative events of the 20th Century.

The series is off to a wonderful start with a reception like this. Will we see you at a reading or other writerly event soon? If not, you can always keep up with the latest from me and Riley right here on the blog. Once I learn what all the pedals and buttons do on this contraption.

“Captivating and engaging, James Anderson O’Neal’s Riley and the Great War is a blend of historical fiction and nonstop adventure. … The dynamic between Riley and Cornelius definitely steals the show.”
— Foreword Reviews, May/June 2018

“Riley and the Great War is a rollicking good historical novel that will keep the reader turning pages from start to finish. James Anderson O’Neal is a consummate novelist who knows both the craft and the art of good writing. Highly recommended.”
—William C. Hammond, author of A Call to Arms and For Love of Country, winner of the Military Writers Society of America 2011 Gold Medal for Historical Fiction Protagonist

“O’Neal’s evocative prose immerses you in the past, as if you’d stepped inside a painting.”
— Brian Freeman, bestselling author of The Night Bird

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